Is Artificial Intelligence the future of CRM?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a hot topic, especially in customer service. Another area in a business where AI should shine is in customer relationship management (CRM). Virtual assistants are the future of customer service and will change how we interact with customers.  More and more companies are investing in AI because they for its potential for increased productivity, better quality work, and reduced costs. David Thompson at The Science Times shares an article listing the benefits of combining Artificial Intelligence with CRM.

Increased productivity. “AI allows employees to spend more time focusing on value-added activities while customer relationship management system chatbots handle repetitive tasks like answering FAQs and helping customers with problems that are easy to solve.”

Better quality work. “Replacing human interactions with artificial intelligence can improve the overall experience for businesses and their clients because it removes any frustration or confusion caused by miscommunications between employees and customers.”

Reduced costs. “Implementing AI into customer service is a lot cheaper than hiring new employees or outsourcing agents, saving businesses money in the long run.”

Thompson mentions how Ai can be used within marketing beyond customer service. AI can also be used to help marketing teams gather insights and analyze customer data for better decision making. With the continued growth and innovation of the digital age, artificial intelligence is here to stay. It will play an increased role for companies big and small in the coming years, especially in customer service and CRM applications.


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