The Impact of Using a CRM on Business Activities

One of the greatest tools to have in your business is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This tool can be used for data management, customer engagement, and marketing campaigns to name a few features. Business2Community contributor Matthew Popham shares an article highlighting the impact of using a CRM for your everyday business activities. Popham states that a CRM provides you with a full view of your sales, marketing, and support for every customer and prospect. It also helps solve problems by organizing all the information about customers in one place so that it’s easy to access any time from anywhere. Below are areas in your business that Popham points out where CRM really shines.

Sales. “A CRM system is a great tool for tracking and following up. It’s helpful when it reminds you of past calls/contacts, helps identify troubled relationships with customers, and tracking new deals that need follow-up attention.”

Marketing. “By analyzing your CRM data, you can extract insightful information that helps with marketing efforts. You can generate promotions and qualified leads by targeting specific demographics of customers to grow sales at a low cost-per-lead rate.”

Support and Service. “A smooth customer service support process is crucial for a successful business. The more information you have, such as customer demographics or product history, is only going to help in identifying problems faster and finding resolutions quicker with fewer complaints from customers along the way.”

The Customer. “When customers shop online and add products to their cart, CRM systems could determine if a customer is having issues completing an order. A quick response to technical issues reduces the rate of abandoned shopping carts significantly.”


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