Five Reasons Cloud Manufacturing ERP Adoption Is Increasing In 2021

The 2020 global pandemic tested businesses big and small of their capability to adapt to the economic situation. Physical businesses closed down and many offices went online/remote. The shift toward cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) was noticable particulary among small-and-medium-sized (SMB) manufacture businesses. Robert Jolliffe, manufacturing ERP expert and owner of Sabre Limited, shares an article on Forbes about how cloud manufacturing ERP adoption is on the rise. According to Jolliffe, he sees five major reasons for this adoption:

  • Covid-19 has demonstrated that hybrid work is both effective and sometimes necessary.
  • Cloud technology platforms have matured, especially in the SMB space.
  • As baby boomers exit the workforce, it’s accelerating the path for Gen Xers and millennials to management positions.
  • Advances in broadband are making it more practical to adopt cloud solutions.
  • New techniques to deploy this technology reduce the fear and risk associated with the change it implies.

While cloud ERP in the SMB manufacturing space is relatively new, it’s without a doubt expanding. Jolliffe concludes, “I expect this trend to accelerate. As this market increases, it benefits everyone. Technology gets better. Businesses gain more experience, and more skills enter the market. Implementors become better at deploying the software.”


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