Why Small And Mid-Market Organizations Need Modern ERP

The modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform has been a clear benefit for large companies off the bat. All departments across a business can work in a connected way, freeing up time and costs.  So why haven’t more small and mid-market businesses (SMBs) made the switch yet? Simply put, SMBs usually run their operations with a mixture of manual processes, various spreadsheets and software, and disconnected point solutions because they don’t have the same amount of resources as larger companies. But no matter the size, ERP systems would make any sized business run smoothly. SAP expert Brian Mortimer shares an article on Forbes explaining why SMBs would benefit from modern ERP systems. More specifically, cloud-based ERP platforms would keep even the smallest company’s network of employees connected and up to date on current information. Mortimer points our that businesses recognize that an ERP platform will help a company have a tighter grip of their entire business, improve cashflow, fast-track reporting, and make it easier to comply with regulations. Modern cloud-based ERP systems are the key to continue your business’ growth. SMBs, Mortimer says, would do well to consider a modern ERP platform that will provide the process efficiencies enjoyed by larger competitors, as well as data-driven insights and agility for scale and innovation.


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