6 Reasons Why You Should Update Your ERP System Regularly

When implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, everyone is involved and committed to learning the new process. But once implementation ends, the enthusiasm subsides. At this point, many people expect the ERP solution to run in the background. However, that may not be the best idea. Branding expert Peter Navarro shares an article on Business2Community 6 reasons why you should update your ERP system regularly to keep everyone involved.

  1. Keep up with technological advances. “ERP providers are constantly developing their software, eliminating errors and adding new features. Every minor release brings with it optimizations that increasingly support business processes.”
  2. You are better prepared for unplanned events. “Companies that have neglected their ERP system for a long time are faced with a problem in the event of an unplanned event. If you always keep your ERP system up-to-date, you distribute the maintenance effort over time.”
  3. Your ERP solution remains compatible with complementary IT systems. “An ERP system is almost always part of a network of different software solutions. ERP updates often include interface adjustments so that compatibility with third-party systems is maintained.”
  4. Security patches offer hackers less target. “An ERP system stores important business data and forms the technical basis for many business processes. You should always make sure to apply security patches consistently and as quickly as possible.”
  5. You consolidate the ERP competence of your team. “In the course of the ERP implementation, your employees will acquire in-depth knowledge of the ERP software. Regular ERP updates mean that your employees deal with the system on a regular basis.”
  6. Your data quality does not reach a critical low. “Everyone knows master data is the foundation of every ERP system. Consistent data maintenance ensures that the maintenance effort does not reach a critical level.”


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