The Top 3 Benefits of Using AI-Enabled ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have becom a staple to modern business models today. The digital revolution has given it an even greater boost in capability and necessity. What’s next for ERP? Two words: artificial intelligence (AI). The need for AI-enabled ERP systems stems from the many advantages in automation and decision-making from modern AI systems. AI can be used with ERP as an tension to the system’s applications. Prangya Pandab shares an article on highlighting the top 3 benefits of using AI-enabled ERP systems for your business. According to Pandab, using AI-enabled ERP systems has various advantages, all of which stem from the following three characteristics:

Reduced Data Entry. “Businesses can automate almost any interaction that involves manual data entry with the implementation of AI-enabled ERP, enabling employees to focus on activities that have a greater impact on the company. These AI-enabled ERP systems can decipher data from various sources, such as online invoices and order types, using natural language processing (NLP), without requiring employees to type in data from various sources. This also reduces the risk of incorrect entries.”

Intelligent Data Processing. “ERP systems are ‘intelligent to a degree and can perform small calculations. AI-enabled ERP systems can use data from one module to make a decision in another module autonomously. This means that humans aren’t required to perform repetitive calculations or make repeated references to various ERP modules.“

Data Analytics. “While most ERP can only produce reports based on historical data, AI-enabled ERP can conduct predictive analytics to improve the certainty of decision-making processes on both an operational and strategic level. This greatly improves business agility and allows them to solve problems based on reliable data.”


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