How To Use Educational Technology Humanely Post-Pandemic

The Prenda Model leverages technology to quickly, efficiently, and effectively deliver academic content. This frees up more time for collaborative, project-based work. McShane notes the nice balance between personalized learning and collaborative, project-based work. Prenda schools, he explains, offers the best of computer-based instruction (self-pacing, meeting students where they are, allowing for different students in the same class to be learning at different levels, etc.) and using its efficiency to create space for exciting, fulfilling, engaging, and substantive collaborative work.

The Hybrid Homeschool Model devotes to one learning modality or another. This type of model has students work 2-3 days per week with personalized learning software, and spends the rest of the week in school to discuss their lessons, work on projects, play sports and other extra curricular activities done in person. McShane’s EdChoice discovered via polls that there is a huge favor for this school modal. This hybrid model poses opportunities for schools to use facilities, faculty, and staff more efficiently. It could also drive down the cost of education while at the same time providing a richer, more effective school experience, McShane notes.

The Lumen Verum Model, inspired by the school in Boston with the same name, limits daily screen time and has a rich set of in-person experiences for students. However, the fact that they will be able to bring passionate, knowledgeable international experts to speak on topics will offer students a unique experience. McShane expresses technology is a tool that educators can use to extend their reach, to help students access things that they otherwise might not be able to in the traditional classroom, to customize and personalize the offerings available to students, and to get through things faster than traditional methods.

Even with cases going down and vaccinations are helping to bring the numbers down, this past year has proved that education technology could be the new normal, and schools are going to need to know how to work with hybrid or fully virtual learning.


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