Three Ways To Take Cloud-Based ERP To The Next Level

A year into this ‘new normal’ of working in a remote setting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are a critical technology to have for your business. ERP platforms are meeting the demands of today’s virtual workplace, providing the highest level of security, secure access to data and the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. Forbes Council Member and VAI CIO Kevin Beasly shares an article describing three ways to take cloud-based ERP to the next level.

Automate Security Functions. “To protect your organization from evolving cyberthreats, it’s essential for your cloud-based ERP services to offer automated security functions. Automated security saves time and resources so you can focus on measures like cybersecurity training your employees. Other recommended safety measures include the required use of strong password policies, multifactor authentication and biometrics — all of which can be automated.”

Integrate Third-Party Applications. “The ability to integrate third-party applications and APIs with your ERP systems expands your ability to apply advanced functions like forecasting and predictive analytics to decision making. When connecting to third-party applications and APIs, security is paramount.”

Use Predictive Analysis. “Predictive analytics use historical data, statistical algorithms and AI technology to predict future patterns. The right analytics strategy can help improve inventory management and production planning, detect fraud, optimize marketing strategies, manage risk and improve operations.”

Leverage Your ERP For Cost-Saving Results. “Investing in ERP optimization strategies can reap benefits for years to come. A 2018 study showed that the top three areas in which ERP produced ROI were reduced IT costs, inventory levels and cycle time.”


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