4 Keys for a Successful CRM Implementation

With the current pandemic still affecting industries over a year later, it is more important than ever that businesses keep their loyal customers happy and continue to attract new customers. The solution to this is harnessing the power of your customer relationship management (CRM) system. While implementing a CRM can be challenging, the return on investment is very rewarding. Though its deployment within an existing business requires a forward-thinking approach to ensure success. Krishna Panicker, vice president of product at CRM company Pipedrive, shares an article on Destination CRM explaining to organizations that with the right mindset, CRM implementation can be made seamless and pain-free for every person involved. Panicker explains how to make it happen with these 4 keys tips.

Choose the Right Tool. All CRMs are not made equal. Ensure the needs of the business are aligned with your choice of CRM… Choose a solution that supports your growth and think with a futuristic mind-set.

Understand Your Customer. Every aspect of the customer journey must be taken into consideration and the best CRM solutions can keep track of calls made and emails sent, as well as conversations that the customer has had with the support team. Through gaining this insight you are able to customize messaging and personalize communication, as well as identify areas to optimize.

Keep Conversations Going Between Teams. Business leaders must understand what the company needs CRM for and how it will be used across teams before embarking on the journey. It is a good idea to involve employees directly in the decision-making process: they will be the ones using CRM on a day-to-day basis and will be impacted the most by the solution you choose.

Leverage Integrations. Take full advantage of everything your CRM offers from the very first stages of its journey. CRM integrations often aren’t prioritized at the beginning, causing much of the application’s utility to remain untapped until much later down the line.


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