CRM’s Pandemic Performance

The COVID-19 pandemic threw us all in for a roller coaster ride that no one saw coming. Telecommuting and remote work/shopping was the “normal” social behavior, and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. Customer relationship management (CRM) industry analyst Denis Pombriant shares an article on CRM Buyer on how CRM systems handled the 2020 pandemic. Pombriant states one of the many disappointments we’ve seen in handling the COVID-19 crisis has been how cloud software companies have been almost shut out of participating in providing solutions. Though if you step back and look at what the tech sector has demonstrated to us through COVID, you can feel impressed. There are multiple huge networks capable of bringing technical solutions to any corner of a reasonably mature society, which Oracle and others have shown, Pombriant points out. Flexible software drives business agility and nothing drives software flexibility like a development environment that generates code to support multiple systems – CRM. Integration, analytics, workflow and other aspects of running applications all converge into a development environment with a code generator, says Pombriant. The cloud and cloud-based platforms are not perfect, but we’re light years ahead of where we were just a few years ago. This approach to responsive technology actually isn’t a direct result of the pandemic, but the crisis has served to demonstrate the solution; and for the broader civilization I think it marks an important turning point, maybe like moveable type. CRM systems proved to be key players in business technology by stepping up and becoming problem solvers and answering the call to the many challenges the pandemic gave us.


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