Highlighting Super Bowl LV’s Technology Commercials

The beauty of the first Sunday of February each year is coming together to watch the Super Bowl. Whether you’re cheering for your team, tuning in to watch the commercials, or enjoying all the best food at a tailgate, Super Bowl Sunday can be enjoyed by many. Super Bowl commercials get most of the talk, however. Year by year we get a sneak peak of the best brands and up-and-comers, and this year we had a glimpse of where technology will take us in 2021. The Dexcom commercial opened the door in mobile healthcare technology by offering a prickless way of monitoring one’s diabetes – all via the convenience of a mobile app. Automobile companies make appearances each year and brands like Cadillac and GM are showcasing the popularity and ease of electric vehicles. A self-driving car that even Edgar Scissorhands can pilot with Cadillac’s Lyriq electric smart vehicle and a longer lasting battery charged self-driving car by GM is the future of the auto world. Brands like Logitech and SquareSpace encouraged their services and devices to think of the next great thing and dream big. T-Mobile further explored the power of 5G and how communication is key so long as you have a reliable network. Super Bowl ads can be entertaining of course, but they can also predict where the future of technology is taking us. What was your favorite commercial, tech and non-tech?


Click Here to watch the best Super Bowl LV commercials, Courtesy of Huffington Post.