25 Education Technology Predictions for 2021

One of the biggest lifestyle changes many people faced last year as the pandemic hit was in the education sector. Online schooling became the norm for the majority of the year and continues to be the mode of teaching at the start of 2021 for many institutions. An article on capustechnology.com showcases what business minds and academics believe are the 25 education technology trends we might see this year.

  1. We Will Build on What We’ve Learned
  2. HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) Will Provide Flexibility Day-by-Day
  3. Online Learning Will Get More Effective, More Robust
  4. Extended Reality (XR) Will Provide New Ways for Students to Explore and Experience
  5. The Gap Between Haves and Have-Nots Will Grow Wider
  6. Small Private Institutions Will Gain Traction as Well Suited for Post-COVID College Life
  7. More Students Will Stick Close to Home
  8. Students as Consumers Will Have More Options
  9. Schools Will Do More Collaboration and Sharing
  10. Blended Will Help Scale Programs, Expand Accessibility
  11. Higher Ed Will More Easily Pivot in the Future
  12. Attendance Will Drop, Engagement Will Grow
  13. Web Conferencing Will Blend Classroom/At-Home Learning
  14. Chatbots Will Become Critical to Student Engagement
  15. Predictive Learning Analytics Will Evolve
  16. Data Analytics Will Continue Promoting Retention
  17. 5G Will Spawn the Next Tech Revolution
  18. As-a-Service Solutions Will Meet Operational Needs
  19. Higher Ed Will Embrace the Cloud
  20. Hybrid Cloud Will Support Remote Work and Study
  21. Schools Will Partner with Business to Close the Gap
  22. College Experience Will Give Way to Greater Career Focus
  23. First Responders Will Get AI Help
  24. Automation Will Drive a Wave of Spear Phishing
  25. Colleges Will Face More Scrutiny on Value Returned

The pandemic took 2020 on an unexpected ride. It doesn’t seem like 2021 will be the end of the pandemic just yet. Expect many of these and other technology predictions to be the main focus in education technology this year.


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