Infor Becomes Founding Sponsor of The Smart Factory at Wichita

Infor has become the first founding sponsor of The Smart Factory @ Wichita, a new Industry 4.0 immersive experience center launched by Deloitte and Wichita State University in Kansas. Per the press release, Infor, Deloitte, Wichita State and the Smart Factory partner ecosystem is expected to help customers across numerous industries continuously innovate and develop next-generation, value-added services. A smart factory is a highly digitized, connected production facility that uses technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics to help companies manufacture products, create new business value, unlock data-driven insights and automate or eliminate business processes. At The Smart Factory @ Wichita, Infor will create and demonstrate a practical, ready-to-deploy technology package which will address eight key smart factory use cases:

  • Factory asset intelligence and performance management
  • Quality sensing and detection
  • Factory synchronization and dynamic scheduling
  • Augmented workforce efficiency
  • Plant consumption and energy management
  • Smart warehousing
  • Smart conveyance
  • Engineering collaboration and digital twins (digital representations of physical environments)

The new Smart Factory facility is anticipated to open in 2021.


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