How to deploy ERP in an agile manner

Business strategist Aaron Hurst writes an article on of the importance of deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in an agile manner. Hurst believes for a software project to be truly agile, collaboration across all departments involved in the system needs to be practiced at every phase from testing to evaluation. This, he says, can be vital when it comes to ensuring constant innovation with minimal missteps. One area that can benefit from deployment in an agile manner is enterprise resource planning (ERP). With an agile approach to ERP, this can ensure that projects meet long-term goals in their business. There are three areas that need a lot of attention in order for an ERP process to be implemented in an agile manner: true collaboration, working with suppliers, and picking your battles wisely. A collaborative nature of agile, Hurst says, brings a number of departments together to make thoroughly thought-out decisions during inititatives, and can complement ERP through keeping targets clear to business and IT staff. Additionally, for agile ERP in the current climate to be effective, companies must also ensure they are clear as to what their chosen supplier can odder, and work closely with them throughout the entire deployment process. Lastly, department teams teams are recommended to establish end goals that are realistic in terms of resources and time scales at their disposal, as explained by Nick McGrane, managing director of K3 Syspro. “The key to deploying ERP is picking your battles. It’s far too easy to aim for the moon when you’re planning a project and end up not getting off the launchpad,” McGrane says. Hurst believes taking these three steps with an agile approach to ERP will prove successful for any business.


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