Infor Unveils New Cloud-Based Revenue Management Functionality for Hoteliers

Infor has made significant updates to Infor EzRMS, a leading revenue management application built specifically for the hospitality industry. As a part of the Infor Hospitality suite of cloud-based solutions, Infor EzRMS is designed to help hoteliers better optimize revenue by automatically calculating demand forecasts and recommending appropriate selling strategies based on data such as day-of-week patterns, booking lead-time and the number of guests per room. Per the press release, the newest iteration of Infor EzRMS has a responsive new forecast algorithm that helps hotels use their data to identify and optimize revenue opportunities. Infor EzRMS smartly incorporates competitor information, on top of hotel system data, to calculate the optimal price decisions. Furthermore, this release includes unique, smart, real-time optimization, ensuring a hotel pricing and selling strategy is always up to date, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows hotel teams to focus on other key tasks, trusting that Infor EzRMS will automatically detect and control new revenue opportunities as they happen.


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