Suitcase Hospitality Optimizes Revenue Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that French hotel group Suitcase Hospitality is continuing to deploy Infor’s EzRMS revenue management solution across its properties to standardize its practices across all of its facilities. The cloud-based solution, which is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and its extensive learning capabilities, provides hospitality professionals with enhanced revenue management functionality and advanced tools to help improve customer service, in particular to better anticipate the commercial services to be offered to them. Since 2015, Suitcase Hospitality Group develops, designs and operates its own hotels on a totally independent basis. Another of the group’s distinctive features is that it owns a number of different brands and luxury hotels and boutique hotels. The group currently has five establishments in exploitation and aims to open three new ones per year. Per the press release, Infor EzRMS enables Suitcase Hospitality to standardize processes across its various properties, automate revenue management, optimize room occupancy and independently analyze market data. The solution identifies its customers through the analysis of their purchasing behavior. Thus, each establishment of the Suitcase Hospitality group can better know and understand the specificities of its clientele and adapt its price offer accordingly.


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