Mobile ERP – 6 perks to having software in your pocket

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), once thought of as a slow-moving system, is now a must have, fast moving vital tool for your business. In a time of real time access to information, today’s mobile workforce expects their enterprise software to be accessible anywhere and on any device. Mobile ERP gives executives and employees access to real-time information as well as customer communications. Tech HQ shares 6 perks to having a mobile ERP.

  1. Flexibility – “Mobile-based ERP provides unrivaled convenience in data logging by making it easy for workers to enter all relevant data accurately, whenever the need arises, without re-keying the data into backend systems when they’re back at their desk.”
  2. Quality Data – “Mobile-based ERP can be designed to capture bad data and erase it from entering your ERP system, thus helping you to collect data more easily.”
  3. Greater Productivity – “Mobile-based ERP helps to use that time more productively by providing mobile workers all the right tools, materials, and information to eliminate downtime significantly, giving companies who implement this technology that extra edge over competitors.”
  4. More Visibility – “Tracking activities in multiple areas has never been easier with mobile-based ERP. If there is a need to monitor business operations in different locations, this can be done at the tip of their fingers with ease.”
  5. Agile Systems – “For most users of the mobile-based ERP, it will allow them to simplify strenuous and time-consuming processes that would have been tedious and repetitive.”
  6. Improved Quality of Service – “With instant access to relevant information regardless of where mobile workers may be, mobile-based ERP enables any queries to be resolved and data to be provided to customers immediately. This serves to help boost sales prospects to customers who would otherwise have had to wait.”


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