How to use your CRM to create better emails

Email marketing expert Kevin George shares his insight on how to utilize customer relationship managment (CRM) for email campaigns with an article written on Business Matters Magazine. George explains, “CRMs and email marketing have overlapping applications, and both of them leverage relevancy for better results.” As people are getting used to consuming more content via digital platforms while staying at home during this pandemic, email marketing campaigns are the target outlets for businesses to stay relevant in the minds of their customers. According to George, these are the top six areas where CRMs are used in email marketing:

  1. Segmentation And Personalization. With the implementation of CRM automation features, you can categorize the customers without investing time or efforts by collecting data periodically. CRM lets you adopt the personalization strategies, such as adding the name of recipients in the subject line or body of email. It also pools the data sourced from other digital platforms to give suggestions for email copies.
  2. Lead Nurturing. To generate more leads, you need to know what they value the most. CRM provides features to know the customer activity, i.e., whether they have opened your message or not, which CTA  they clicked, along with other metrics.
  3. Customizable Email Marketing Templates With Social Media Integration. Customer Relationship Management software solutions come with the feature of creating unique email templates. You can create templates with high-end graphics easily using the drag-and-drop feature. You can even integrate social media buttons in emails and allow users to engage on other platforms.
  4. Campaign Analytics. You can analyze the success of an email campaign through data visualization.
  5. Lead Scoring And Sales Funnel. Lead scoring allows your marketing and sales teams in allocating their time in a fruitful way. They allow you to send tailored messages to leads depending upon their immediate position in the sales funnel. The message will also differ as per the source of first communication and customer demographics.
  6. Automation. Sending an automated welcome email when they signup on your website will boost your brand image and also an emphatic way to make them familiar with the brand.


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