3 Steps for Getting B2B Sales Back to the ‘Not Normal’ Normal

COVID-19 has challenged the ‘normal’ way of doing business. The ‘new normal’ isn’t normal at all. Instead, a better term could be ‘not normal’ normal. The way we communicate, operate, manage sales and customer relations must be altered and adapted accordingly. In B2B sales, it’s a bit more complicated to continue ‘business as usual’, but it’s still attainable. Harry Datwani and Daniel Worthen from Deloitte Consulting LLP wrote an article for Destination CRM on how to get your B2B sales back to the ‘not normal’ normal.

  1. Up-level personalization. Now more than ever, sellers need to deliver the right engagement and interactions at the right times, and companies will need an ecosystem of digital capabilities to help enable these interactions successfully. CRM software needs to match current customer needs for tailored interactions and customized offerings.
  2. Prepare for long-term remote and digital sales models. Most sales moved to remote models during the early peak of the pandemic, and companies should maintain and strengthen virtual sales operations for the foreseeable future. People will remain wary about in-person interactions even after organizations return to their offices.
  3. Work even closer with marketing to support sales. To help add value to clients and prospects beyond just the offerings you are selling, work with your company’s marketing team to create new assets and resources.


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