The Covid-19 Crisis Is A Boost To Educational Technology Companies

While COVID-19 has caused a riff in companies big and small, there is a silver lining for companies with ‘essential’ needs of the current economy. Health and cleaning companies, for example, are seeing a rise in sales of their products. In the education and business sector, remote work and learning has increased the need for technology companies. In particular, the education sector is seeing an increased dependence in remote learning tools such as video conferencing, digital textbooks and class material, as well as virtual learning environments like Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas. According to an article on Forbes written by financial consultant Mayra Rodriguez Valladares, online education has been helping reach underserved populations students as well as students with special needs and disabilities.  Additionally, many parents and educators are likely to use online education to be ready for the next public health or natural disaster. Valladares explains how Khan Academy, the most famous online education tool, has seen higher volumes in this coming school year. Additionally, Edutopia, which is an educational foundation founded by filmmaker George Lucas, is a treasure trove of free information, including on social and emotional learning,  teacher development, and education research on project learning. While these not for profit companies are seeing higher traffic, other for profit EduTech companies are seeing successful profits in this pandemic. Even if we find a vaccine for COVID-19 tomorrow, it will take quite some time before we start sending students back to school. Now more than ever are EduTech companies flourishing.


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