Chuo Spring Adopts Infor ERP Solution at Overseas Sites to Improve Business Visibility and Standardize Operations Globally

Infor Japan K.K., Japanese subsidiary of Infor, recently announced that Chuo Spring Co., Ltd., an automotive components manufacturer, has adopted at its Indonesian sites Infor CloudSuite Industrial, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for manufacturing industries. This will enhance business visibility and standardize its operations globally. Per the press release, Chuo Spring made the decision to use Infor CloudSuite Industrial as a dedicated core system for its overseas sites, and deploy the solution in its Indonesian sites, in recognition of its ability to adapt Japanese standardized operations to sites overseas and support centralized management and global operations from its Japanese head office. Kenta Koide, vice president, member of the board, Chuo Spring Co., Ltd., says of this adoption, “To enable continued expansion at Chuo Spring, we needed an ERP solution to visualize our overseas site data in real time and enable data-driven business decisions. In addition to the rich functionality and proven achievements for global manufacturing businesses offered by Infor’s ERP solution, we were impressed with its versatility, flexible licensing structure, and development environment enabling easy implementation and meeting local requirements.”


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