3 Ways Technology is Transforming Wellbeing

Cecilia Amador de San José shares an article on allwork.space of the many ways technology has transformed our wellbeing. Technology has been making great leaps over the past several decades and while it has ‘disrupted industries and job, it has also created opportunities and made our lives a bit easier. Here are 3 ways technology can improve our wellness.

  1. Improve Communication and Access to Resources – “Communication is a key element of a healthy, happy, and productive organization. Technology powered platforms can help improve communication by increasing engagement and they can help identify any flags that could potentially lead to a rise in stress levels, isolation, or burnout.”
  2. Rise of Telemedicine – “Telemedicine has been used to follow-up with patients, do routine checkups of chronic conditions, and provide specialty services and treatments (interpretation of laboratories, imaging results, etc.).  It is making it easier for workers to seek help while balancing it with their workload. It also helps improve employee decision making when it comes to seeking care for small things as well as larger issues.”
  3. Promotes Healthier Lifestyles – “Technologies like wearable devices can help promote healthier lifestyles. Devices such as the FitBit or smart watches that remind people to stand up and walk, drink water, and monitor sleep patterns have the potential to drive healthier lifestyles and help individuals make better, healthier choices for themselves.”


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