Why Facial Recognition Remains a Powerful Yet Controversial Technology

Facial recognition technology has been constantly worked on for around 50 years, but it only recently has been a popular feature in smart technology and security. According to Gritdaily.com, experts believe that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, facial recognition technology has gained more popularity because the technology is being used by governments as part of their attempts to track and trace people who are affected by the virus. Being a hands free and easy way to unlock devices or confirm identification, face recognition has been a popular option. However, this biometric identification technology may pose some difficulty on people who are wearing masks to protect themselves in public. The articles shares with the UK’s government now advising people to wear masks when out in public, facial recognition may need to be upgraded in order to still be useful. Additionally, biometric identification technology would play a part should governments turn to using new COVID-19 immunity passports.


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