Don’t Make These 15 Common Mistakes When Building Your Company’s ERP

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the ideal tools to help a company run more smoothly. ERP systems can integrate all the important business processes including HR, sales, marketing, finance and supply chain. This readily accessible tool can save time and money, but only if implemented and used correctly. To help you on your journey to building an ideal ERP, be sure to avoid these 15 mistakes noted by the members of Forbes Technology Council.

  1. Over-Customization
  2. Making Technology-Out Decisions
  3. Not Incorporating Automation And Data Analytics
  4. Failing To Capture Historical Institutional Knowledge
  5. Not Aligning Business Needs And Operational Goals
  6. Only Viewing ERP As An Asset Management Tool
  7. Ignoring Opportunities To Re-Engineer Business Processes As You Build
  8. Trying To Fit Your Business To The ERP
  9. Straying Too Far From Your Core Functionality
  10. Over-Dependence On ERP
  11. Failing To Define Workflow Processes For Each Department
  12. Not Testing Your Proof Of Concept First
  13. Overlooking Data Governance
  14. Underestimating The Required Time And Resources
  15. Excluding End-Users From The Decision-Making Process


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