Tips For Managing A Successful Remote ERP Implementation

With this current pandemic urging people to stay home, online shopping has become more of a demand. This may be a good thing at first, but businesses have either shut down, changed courses or forced to find alternative means to operate. Shipping, logistics and supply chain management are more important than ever to maintain. Jay Deakins, Founder and CEO of Deacom, shares an article on Forbes some tips for managing a successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation remotely.

Understand Your Team’s Bandwidth. “Every company is different, and only your team can determine if now is the right moment to upgrade your ERP software. It will require an initial investment of dollars, time and resources, but done right, it will streamline all of your operations, from formulation and product development through production, shipping, warehousing, sales and accounting.”

Embrace Technology For Improved Efficiency. Deakins says of his team, “Though our team traditionally managed about 80% of an ERP implementation remotely, until recently, we still sent team members to be on-site at a customer’s facility for three critical events: the project kickoff, the conference room pilot and the go-live launch. We are now conducting the entire process remotely using tools such as GoToMeeting and webcam-enabled tablets, and we have been pleased to discover a few unexpected benefits from this transition.”

Pandemic or not, an ERP implementation is a major undertaking for your entire team, but its return on investment is worthwile. With the help of technology and a strong and motivated team, there’s no reason that you cannot achieve a smooth and successful remote ERP launch.


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