Infor Launches Infor Workforce Management Express Program in China to Help Companies Tackle Business Continuity Challenge and Aid Recovery

Infor recently announced the launch of a special promotion program in China to help companies be operationally agile and ease the “back-to-work” phase as companies gradually re-open. The Infor Work Force Management (WFM) solution is a powerful tool with intelligent scheduling that makes it easier for enterprises to re-open their businesses strategically. With the COVID-19 pandemic ‘rushing’ many businesses to work around the clock to stay alive, many organizations are reviewing the options available to better manage and utilize their employees during these times. Per the press release, the Infor WFM express solution can help organizations provide efficient and effective staff scheduling procedures and provide ongoing workforce utilization efficiencies during an evolving pandemic. With Infor WFM, enterprises can build multiple hierarchies of team structure to meet requirements through strong rule-setting and data-separation capabilities. In addition, the Infor WFM shift workbench is embedded with eight predefined shifts, providing human resource function with a simple and unified management tool.


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