Working from Home: 4 ways to Optimize Productivity Using Your CRM

Even as lockdown measures are starting to ease up, many of us are still working remotely. Many businesses are still temporarily closed and managers must rely on their limited resources to stay open. Marketer Lauren Fowles shares an article on CustomerThink of the various ways to optimize productivity using customer relationship management (CRM) while working from home.

Ownership and Accountability. “When a new lead enters your CRM system, make sure that ownership of that lead is automatically assigned to a member of the team through an automated flow or use of a custom Power App. Lead ownership will ensure that none of your leads slip through the cracks and will make your whomever was assigned the lead accountable for the outcome of that opportunity.”

Activity Tracking. “By making sure that your team are logging all of their outbound sales activity (emails, phone calls, LinkedIn messages etc.) against the prospects profile on your company’s CRM system, you can better monitor their productivity. Having this transparency in activity will also ensure reaching daily outreach targets is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.”

Avoid Pipeline Decay. “To ensure that no lead remain within a sales member’s pipeline longer than it should, set a workflow within your CRM that flags any leads that can surpassed this average conversion period. Remember that during lockdown and as restrictions continue to be reduced, conversion periods may be more erratic than usual with radio silence followed by a sudden flurry of interest.”

Custom Dashboards. “By creating leadership boards on your CRM dashboard or through a tool within the same ecosystem like PowerBI, not only will you be able to see who your best achievers are – so will the other members of the team. If you wanted to further increase the competitive element, implement a reward system of the greatest number of sales.


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