4 Things You Need to Know for Successful Enterprise CRM Integration

With the enterprise IT environment being complex,  it is no surprise that an intelligent customer relationship management (CRM) system in this environment requires specialized insight and know-how to ensure a seamless integration that’s both relevant and current. According to Adam Edmonds at CRMBuyer.com, with today’s functional and technical complexity, heterogeneous integration requirements, and need for scale and security, CRM integration success depends on an enterprise literate technology approach. Edmonds shares the following four considerations to be critical when sourcing intelligent CRM software for enterprise systems.

  1. Flexibility and Context Matter. From automating workflows to eliminating burdensome administrative tasks, the flexibility of an intelligent enterprise solution provides a deeper understanding of the customer, which helps with decision-making processes and simplifies day-to-day operations.
  2. Is It Scalable? Implementing a reliable, fully scalable CRM system in the beginning as part of an overarching business strategy ensures seamless growth down the road.
  3. What are the Integration Capabilities? Is It Upgradable? When CRM integration is an afterthought, failure is inevitable. Instead, the technology must allow for integration with a wide variety of client platforms, data sources and applications, since every organization has different needs.
  4. Deployment Should Be Simple. A purpose-built enterprise CRM software system should make deployment simple. It should be compatible with a variety of open source and common software platforms.


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