How the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping healthcare with technology

The COVID-19 crisis has hit a slew of industries, with healthcare being the biggest player for obvious reasons.  Paddy Padmanabhan, a Contributor at CIO, shares insights from a recent podcast with John Kravitz, CIO of Geisinger Health, of how this pandemic has reshaped the relationship with healthcare and technology. Below are areas where this pandemic has shaken things up.

The sudden upscaling of virtual care capacity – “Many health systems are turning to self-triaging tools to help consumers check for symptoms before asking to be put through to a doctor.”

The mainstreaming of Telehealth – “The volumes of telehealth consults have gone up several multiples since the pandemic struck.  Telemedicine platforms are also enabling patient families to speak with their loved ones in acute care.”

Digital transformation will accelerate – “Many health systems are accelerating their digital transformation roadmaps, encouraged by the success of telehealth in responding to the crisis and also sensing a fundamental shift in health care delivery.”

Cybersecurity risks will rise in the short term – “Most health systems have managed to stay ahead of cybersecurity attacks so far during the pandemic. However, it is a matter of time before cybercriminals swoop in to take advantage of heightened vulnerabilities.”

How we live and work may have changed forever – “If we take a slightly longer view, the tipping point we are experiencing is playing out through how companies are reorganizing their workforce around virtual workplace models, using video-conferencing and other virtual collaboration tools.”


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