From Data to AI: How these 4 tech trends are reshaping healthcare

The healthcare industry is continuing to digitally transform the sector. Isaac Kohen at shares an article about the trends in the tech industry that are reshaping healthcare and making a significant impact.

Bigger, Better Data – With the help of wearables and mobile devices, patient awareness and real time aid is readily available for patients and physicians. The article states, “When coupled with other data collection initiatives, healthcare providers have more and more precise data than ever before, and this will transform both the way patients and doctors communicate and the ways that providers can collect patient data.”

Data Privacy, Finally – With the incredible amount of data gathered, privacy is a top priority. Per the article, “Healthcare data breaches are increasingly common, and they are, by far, the most expensive of any industry. Privacy is poised to be a major theme in the year ahead.”

Accountability for Insider Threats – With the progress toward securing data a goal for healthcare providers, the accountability for insider threats will also be a topic. Per the article, “From accidental data sharing to intentional heists, healthcare providers are recognizing that the biggest threat to securing the mountains of data they collect isn’t defending against an outside, existential force. In the year ahead, healthcare providers will be accountable for insider threats.”

AI & Machine Learning Infiltrate Healthcare – The articles states that “AI and machine learning will make a significant impact in several ways, including:

  • Chatbots will provide medical advice.
  • Smartphones will deliver additional data for computational analysis.
  • Integrated data silos will open up new analytical possibilities.”


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