How To Stay Ahead Of Technology Trends

Staying on top of the latest news, stories and trends is critical in the technological age for business development. With the knowledge you have of your industry you’re either ahead of the game or left behind.  By staying current with your industry, you’ll maintain a leverage. Don Carroll, Vice President of Business Development at VPL, wrote an article on Forbes sharing how to stay ahead with the technological trends in your field.

Educate yourself
“There are a variety of resources available to help teams identify industry insights and tech trends. Take advantage of conferences and trade shows to get a sense of the offerings and advances from other players in the industry… It’s a great opportunity to identify what tech is performing well and what is not working in your industry. Additionally, every industry has a host of newsletters available from different sources. ”

Leverage relationships
“Building strong customer and industry relationships is critical not only for business growth but also for obtaining new insights. Once you’ve put the time in to develop solid relationships, reach out to your contacts to tap into their wealth of knowledge.”

Don’t miss out
“If your business is not actively monitoring trends to develop cutting-edge solutions, someone else is going to beat you to it. Don’t get left behind. The competitive advantage goes to the first company that can offer comprehensive solutions that work seamlessly for customers. ”


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