Fetim Group Improves Productivity with Infor

Dutch construction and home decor leader Fetim Group is using an Infor benchmark of 800 world-leading companies to improve its processes and workflows. Analyzing this data has helped Fetim improve productivity and workflow efficiency. Additionally, Fetim is playing an active role to improve Infor’s software and to help it better align with customer needs. This Dutch group is no stranger to Infor as they’ve worked with them in several projects. Per the press release, “Fetim’s IT architecture is built on the best-of-class principle, and the company already uses Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, based on the Infor M3 ERP (enterprise resource planning) application and Infor CloudSuite Configure Price Quote (CPQ), a digital portal to improve the customer buying experience. It is currently rolling out Infor CRM and the acclaimed Infor Nexus to realize an online real-time collaboration platform to help improve cooperation with suppliers and to maximize the reliability of the supply chain.” Being able to influence the functionality included in newer versions of Infor’s industry CloudSuites based on Infor M3 helps Fetim make only a minimal number of modifications and quickly achieve standardized processes.


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