Using technology to change health care

Technology has made a name for itself in the healthcare industry. Software innovation for example has made strides in the medical field with electronic health record systems helping physicians keep track of patient records more efficiently. Shreyas Tanna shares an article on Biopharmapress about how technology has impacted a healthcare organization, Mediclinic, and how they’re continuing to leverage new innovations to further their healthcare system into the digital age. For example, technology is being applied to improve the contact of patients with Mediclinic Middle East and provide them with more opportunities to engage with, simplify and speed up the procedure for scheduling a date, and to ensure prompt tracking of requests and queries. Additionally, Tanna adds that technology assists with actual patient treatment at Mediclinic in fields such as oncology where they use the newly developed TrueBeam linear accelerator for radiation therapy. Healthcare organizations like Mediclinic who utilize technological applications to improve patient lives are testaments of this digital age and will pave the way for more innovations in healthcare.


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