The Future of Collaboration Technology in 2020 and Beyond

While technology has made a dent in the way we live, it’s most certainly made a shift in the way we work. Guest blogger Dana Corey, SVP and GM, Avocor, shares a post on UC Today on how the traditional workplace has had substantial transformation in the past decade as a result of advancements in collaboration technology. We are living in a world today where remote, freelance, and contracted employees are becoming more prevalent, as well as living in a society where almost everyone is attached to some form of personal technology devices. This drives the need for collaboration technology in the workplace to operate the same way. Corey believes with the digital advancements continuing to flourish, the way we communicate will continue to evolve throughout 2020 and beyond. The shift towards freelance or remote work work, for example, allows employees to collaborate across the country and communicate in real time even after a meeting or work day has ended. Company cultures are restructuring due to the needs and behavior of this evolving workforce. Corey states, “Today’s collaboration technology has come a long way and we are now seeing offices equipped with large-format interactive touch displays with videoconferencing solutions. Just as offices are advancing, so are the actual collaboration technologies within them, which have become more accessible, conventional, easier to use, and resemble the personal technology devices we rely on every day.” Video team meetings encourage interactivity, positive decision-making, improved communication, and even reduce the amount of meetings necessary, which in turn reduces gaps in communication. Corey adds frictionless collaboration technology as a key contributor to company-wide success and studies show that efficient communication, or lack thereof, has a major impact on a company’s bottom line. “When provided the best technology tools for working together, team members can build upon one another’s strengths in order to enhance the value of the work they produce for the company. This is why teamwork and collaboration play a critical role in the success of any-sized business and in today’s modern workplace, the driving force in teamwork communication is frictionless collaboration technology.”


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