5 ways CRM helps the small retailer

Small business owners understand the importance of serving their customers. Small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) should look to customer relationship (CRM) systems to aid in their business dealings and customer relations. According to RetailCustomerExperience.com, a CRM can help your business better understand the needs and concerns and be more precise and deliberate in nurturing those relationships. Take retail, for example. With a CRM system in place, retaining purchase histories, tailoring a marketing strategy to a customer’s interests and retaining valuable information about a client’s wants and needs can all be done under one program. There are powerful features that can give your SME the competitive advantage and continue to grow. Here are 5 ways to use CRM systems:

  1. Improve customer service – One way to improve customer service this is through a CRM helpdesk ticketing system, which allows internal teams to prioritize customers where managers can assign accounts to team members.
  2. Track team efficiency – Most CRM solutions have an integrated field service management feature, which enables you to know what customers your sales representatives have visited with real-time tracking and check-ins.
  3. Manage inventory – SMEs that have inventory needs but lack internal resources can utilize a CRM to manage purchase orders, customer product orders, and even monitor all inventory in multiple warehouses.
  4. Make better decisions – SMEs, just like any other business, have many factors that impact the overall company performance and a business dashboard developed in a CRM presents these factors in easily understood data visualizations.
  5. See the whole company picture – Few CRMs available today also include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software built into the solution. ERP is a powerful CRM addition that integrates all departments and functions across a business into a single system, while still serving each departments’ specific needs.

With proper implementation and guidance, CRMs can be the secret weapon your SME needs to stay competitive.


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