Fransen Gerrits Increases Efficiency and Optimizes Business Processes with Industry-Specific ERP

Dutch animal feed producer Fransen Gerrits recently completed a successful upgrade of Infor M3 to help automate processes and streamline efficiency. Users of the M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution since 2007, Fransen Gerrits has continually expanded its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the food and beverage industry and its customers. By upgrading M3, with the support of Infor Alfa-Beta, Fransen Gerrits will benefit from new ways to optimize business processes and increase efficiency. The press release shared Fransen Gerrits’ financial director Jori Teuwen’s statement on their company’s commitment to Infor: “I keep up-to-date with suppliers like SAP and Microsoft to see what’s available in the market, but Infor M3 is the absolute winner for us thanks to the multi-country, multi-company, intra-company and multi-currency capabilities it provides, which I have not yet seen in other solutions. This is very important to us because we often deal with inter-company cashflows. In addition, the way the database is structured is better and makes it easy to facilitate any expansion abroad.” With Infor M3, Fransen Gerrits is able to record purchasing, production, sales and financial process and is surrounded by several third-party applications that either help save costs and/or improve productivity.


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