6 technology trends shaping the innovation platform

With 5G disrupting today’s mobile network platform and providing widespread global coverage, Erik Ekudden at Ericsson.com believes that this network platform is the gateway to greater innovative trends in the near future. With 5G’s predictive success, Ekudden forecasts other trends that the future of technology may take us. He predicts the interplay of these technology trends will be the catalyst for global transformation. According to Ekudden, the six trends to watch in the year ahead are:

  • The Internet of Skills
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Distributed compute and storage
  • Ubiquitous radio access
  • Security assurance
  • Zero-touch networks

The first two trends, he explains, are about demanding use cases, while the final four are about technologies that are evolving the network platform. In his article, Ekudden explained, “Distributed compute and storage is a new addition in 2019. The other five trends have been part of our trend analysis for the last few years. In this year’s article, I build on last year’s conclusions and provide more context about our vision of the future network platform.”


Read the 2019 technology trends in full to find out more about how these six trends are transforming our world.

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