3 Challenges of CRM Implementation SMBs Face in 2019

Customer engagement and satisfaction is crucial for business clout. That’s why customer relationship management (CRM) systems are such a necessary platform for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to utilize to stay relevant in their customer’s minds. These softwares provide useful databases, analytics and techniques to not only store customer information, but gain insight to trends, performance reviews, and future plans. Most importantly, they help your sales team manage and maintain valuable customer relationships. This fast growing software market isn’t slowing any time soon, though there is still some hesitation from potential users. The problem that SMBs face is their struggle to achieve their sales goals even with CRMs in place.

Victor Iryniuk at Business2Community shares 3 challenges that SMBs face during CRM implementation.
  • Challenge 1: Absence of mobile CRM – Studies show that 65% of sales who use CRM on their mobile devices achieved sales goals. If your company still uses a desktop-only version of CRM, check if it’s available on mobile.
  • Challenge 2: Relying on third-party CRM integrators too much – Do small research beforehand: tools like Zapier are specialized in connecting different software tools. So even if your CRM has a handful of native integrations, it can have hundreds of free third-party integrations available to users.
  • Challenge 3: Wrong CRM system – Never choose CRM in a rush. Define your workflow, prepare requirements to CRM and think who will use it before you commit.

No matter the size of your firm or your customer base, you should keep in mind some of these challenges that can come up and to hopefully avoid or prepare for repercussions if such events occur. With the right adjustments, SMBs will see a change in their sales goals.


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