Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming ERP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has greatly impacting the world of enterprise technology. In enterprise resource planning (ERP), for example, AI is already optimizing system-operating models as well as transforming business processes for enterprises and organizations globally. Automating AI with ERP software systems could bring great value to a business. Solutions Review shared 3 ways AI is transforming ERP.

  • Customer Service / CRM – AI-enabled ERP systems could utilize chatbots in order to respond to customer questions and comments. This gives an extra focus on customer service, as they are able to see what their customers are asking about in real-time, while a virtual assistant answers all the pertinent questions.
  • Sales and Marketing – AI allows a business to not only identify purchasing behavior but also hone in on who is buying what. They may find that there is a viable target market that has been left in branding and marketing schemes.
  • Inventory Management – When incorporating AI technology, you’re reducing the risk of over or under production. This means fewer inventory storage issues and no costly small-scale productions to make up a difference.

While some may still be on the fence to adopt AI technology in our work spaces, this new technology presents an innumerable amount of benefits for organizations already utilizing an ERP solution. Ultimately, AI in ERP means lower costs and higher revenue.


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