How To Delegate Complex Tasks To Your Team

Learning to delegate is an essential skill for any situation, personal or professional. In business, delegation is essential for building repeatable processes and systems. However, no matter how good of a process you create at your workplace, the unknowns like employees calling in sick or having a massive layoff calls for reorganization and restructuring. Maddy Osman at Trello states that it is necessary to proactively document and share knowledge so that other team members can step in to take over when something needs to be done. She shares a framework to break down complex work and effectively delegate tasks to a team:

  1. Create A Knowledge Base For Sharing Process Information
  2. Provide A Walkthrough For Each Process To Delegate
  3. Anticipate FAQs & Possibilities For User Error
  4. Create A 1-Page PDF Onboarding Guide To Bring New Teammates Up To Speed
  5. Explicitly Encourage Questions From Teammates
  6. Use A Project Management Tool To Set Expectations & Create Accountability

It’s not easy to break tasks down into repeatable processes. Other members of your team may approach problems completely different than you would, which is why you have to anticipate where a process can break down and any questions people might have when executing a task. However, if you take the necessary steps and invest in time to create a comprehensive and useful process documentation, you can save yourself time and resources in the future.


Original post by Maddy Osman from Trello.

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