Syufy Enterprises Selects Infor to Build More Successful Teams

Syufy Enterprises, a leading entertainment and leisure company that owns a variety of businesses, including high-end athletic clubs and spas, restaurants, golf venues, shopping centers, public markets and drive-in theaters, has decided to deploy Infor Talent Science to build more successful teams. Utilizing Infor solutions at its VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa division, Syufy will gain access to tools to predictively link behavioral data to real business outcomes. The cloud-based application Infor Talent Science helps drive better business performance through hiring, developing, and retaining the right people. With it, VillaSport will be better prepared to reduce turnover of its hourly employees, improve the quality of hires, and identify career paths for both applicants and existing employees. By elevating the hiring process with data science to find the right employee for the right position, the organization will be able to improve customer experiences while also driving more memberships throughout the club.


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