How To Be More Effortlessly Efficient At Everything

An interesting read on the Trello blog recently covered the topic of time management. The article states “How you manage your time can mean the difference between feeling like you’re busy every minute of the day (but not actually getting anything done) and accomplishing everything you want in your job and your life—and still feeling like you have time to spare.” How can you make sure you’re actually managing your time efficiently? Here are some tips on how to master time management

  • Take a Time Inventory
  • Look For Things To Automate—Both On- And Offline
  • Carve Out Time For A Productivity-Boosting Morning Routine
  • Learn To Say ‘No’ When It Counts
  • Invest Time With The Right Tools
  • Spend Your Time Wisely

We live in a world with so many distractions that it’s easy to let time fly by. With these time management “hacks”, you can take control of your schedule and make efficient use of your time.

Original post by Deanna deBara from Trello.

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