Infor Announces New Solution for Hoteliers to Simplify Pricing

On June 17, 2019, Infor launched its newest addition to the hospitality sector – Infor Hospitaliry Price Optimizer (HPO). Infor HPO is a comprehensive, built-for-the-cloud solution that delivers pricing decisions for hoteliers. It will help hoteliers make better decisions more quickly, confidently price rooms left to sell, and increase bottom-line profits. Infor HPO is capable of providing a strategic price and distribution channel on which to publish this price, factoring into account distribution costs for the channels, which will help to boost revenues and profits. Infor HPO also provides simulators to predict the impact that a change of price on a given day will have on demand and expected revenues. This new addition will also pick out potential competition from a customer perspective. The launch of this new product, built on the backbone of Infor OS, further strengthens Infor’s global platform of cloud solutions for the hospitality industry.

You can find more information on Infor HPO Here.


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