Grav 1.6 Released

Grav is an open source flat-file CMS that we use for client documentation and server healthchecks. Since it requires no calls to a database and has baked in caching, page load speed is very fast and offers a simple search that will quickly search your content for matching strings. We chose Grav as we thought it would be an ideal solution for simple, static, searchable pages such as those used for flow documentation and healthchecks.

Recently, Grav 1.6 was released on 4/11/2019. It is being touted as their “biggest release since Grav 1.0” and there are many new features to potentially take advantage of. This latest update to Grav 1.6 requires upgrading PHP to 7.1.3+ (7.3+ is preferred for optimal performance) and also updates Admin Panel to v1.9 and Form/Login/Email plugins to v3.0.

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Grav comes with a built-in command-line interface (CLI) which can be found at bin/grav

The simplest way to upgrade would be through CLI as upgrading through the admin panel could result in some error messages.

To upgrade to Grav 1.6 and update all plugins, open a terminal and once in the root directory of the Grav site use:

php bin/gpm self-upgrade (Windows) OR bin/gpm self-upgrade (Mac)

followed by

php bin/gpm update (Windows) OR bin/gpm update (Mac)



There is a new backups tab in the Tools section. This can integrate with the new scheduler to create scheduled backups. We now have the ability to create multiple backup profiles each with their own set of files. In our case, this will be useful for creating and keeping track of backups when updating documentation and healthchecks.



A new scheduler tab is in Tools section of the Admin panel. It allows for scheduling tasks such as cache clear, backups, synchronization, search indexing, etc.


This is a new CLI command that can be used to display Grav log entries. In addition, the logs are accessible from the new Logs tab in the Tools section of the Admin panel. This new tool should help us in the future with troubleshooting.


The Reports feature is accessible from a tab in the Tools section of the Admin panel. This section provides information to the site administrator on things such as configuration, server issues, and content issues and can help with troubleshooting.


One of the most important changes in Grav 1.6 was implemented on the asset manager. Previously, there was an issue with plugins that had their own CSS and JS assets in which the content was rendered in the order encountered and once rendered, could not be modified. The asset manager was rewritten as part of this update and basically solves this issue with custom plugin CSS and JS.

For complete details, please visit the Asset Manager documentation: