Five Key Modules in CRM Platforms

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have gone from simple data management to integrated systems that utilize data and influence workflows in many ways. Each module has its own functionality coupled with the ability to work in conjunction with other modules for total communication. Although many CRM systems advertise a wide selection of modules to use, you should first focus on the ones that will benefit your business the most. Here are five core modules that should reside in all CRM solutions.

  1. Contact Management – This allows you to maintain longer lasting relationships, and it enables deep-dive analysis into what customers want and how to streamline the process of getting it to them.
  2. Lead Management – The ability to forward leads to key salespeople in a timely manner is often the difference between success and failure.
  3. Analytics – Each module will likely contain its own analytics tools, but a centralized analytics engine is considered a priority by many organizations.
  4. Performance Management – Utilize a fully functional performance management solution with a wide variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as the ability to focus on individuals, teams, products, territories and other targets.
  5. Social Media Management – Social media can create a lot of opportunities for businesses stay informed with their clienteles, generate leads and push their marketing stargety in front of a larger audience. CRM systems integrate many social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for easy collaboration and communication.

The more modules you integrate into your CRM platform, the more you can do with your program and with your clientele.

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