Methods for staying in contact with past customers

One of the first things you get taught in sales is that it is far more expensive to attract new customers than to keep an existing one. Though it doesn’t mean you should stop from finding new customers. Instead, aim to solidify relationships with existing and former ones and use those methods to attract new ones. The key is to keep in touch. It can be a tricky thing to stay in touch with customers without seeming too pushy, but worth the effort when done right. A good way to manage customer relationships are with customer relationship management (CRM) systems. CRMs not only keep a digital record of interactions and customer information, but they can also forecast solutions for continued and older contacts as well as new tactics to gain more contacts. Below are some methods to consider when keeping in contact with clients:

  • Track interactions
  • Emails/newsletters
  • Events
  • Gifts

It’s important to note that although technology makes life easier for your organization and even the customers, an old-fashioned hand written note or even a simple phone call follow up can go a long way. Test your waters with the type of clients you have and you’ll have relationships to last for years to come.


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