Three key ways to ensure your ERP project is a success

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project are a costly investment. When done right, it will provide positive turnover. It is essential that you maximize the chances of ERP project success early on to ensure minimal setbacks. There are three main keys to ensuring ERP project success.

Key 1: Plan for the project

  • Put together an initial plan for the project’s journey
  • Always Test in between phases to make sure the plan is going accordingly
  • Focus on Post-Implementation
  • Consider Change Management Planning

Key 2: Nail the functional requirements

  • Interview Stakeholders to Leverage Expert Opinions
  • Plan the Conversations
  • Consider Delegating for efficient communication
  • Take a Moment to Consider Overall Importance
  • Leverage RFPs (Request for Proposal)

Key 3: Assemble your all-star team

  • Leverage Cross-Departmental Discussion
  • Understand Team Needs
  • Open lines of Communication
  • Meeting Structure
  • Management Tools
People often assume if they follow steps, everything will fall into place. But that almost always never happens. By having backups of backup plans, preparing for every condition, and understanding there will be slack/wasted/extra time needed, you can bet that your ERP selection and migration goes smoothly.