Catering to Millennials by Improving Those Outdated CRM Models

Millennials have good judgment when it comes to evaluating emerging technologies. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) across major industries are working to change their ways to reach the millennial generation better as they are the majority consumer market. Millennials grew up in the age of digitization, apps, and a high-speed work style. Balancing this fast paced life with a targeted CRM approach requires appealing to their productivity, convenience, and time-saving necessities.  A key target of improving CRM for millennials is to have a user friendly interface. Travel applications, such as Airbnb, focus on removing much of the tediousness associated with booking hotels, and focused on a simple, straightforward and convenient interface, thus the company being valued at $31 billion thanks to the acceptance of millennials. CRM has become a core component for brand building, and CRM and marketing that has transitioned to platforms primarily dominated by millennials has become greatly in demand. Balancing the pros and cons of catering to a generation of millennials brings many challenges and innovations. Improved CRM and user experiences will assuredly evolve towards more convenience and better customer services, but evaluating the cost of doing so needs to remain relevant.

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