How Technology Can Help Put the “Human” Back in Human Resources

With the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology, big data, and machine learning, many have feared a reduced need for human capital in the workforce. Specifically in human resources (HR), where the department is known as the place to go to for help, with these new technologies, it’s assumed that the “traditional” methods of HR are obsolete. Many employees fear that the “human” aspects of the department and other departments are falling, leaving employees alone to deal with cold user interfaces that offer facts without the personal human touch. Despite these fears and assumptions, leveraging these digital tools can in fact help businesses, and if done right, keep the “human” in human resources relevant. Here are three ways in which modern software solutions can support the optimization of a company’s talent and HR teams.

  • Finding the Right Candidates for the Right Job
  • Investing More Time and Energy in Talent Development
  • Creating a ‘Win-Win’ Strategy for Employees and Employers

Making HR departments more high-tech actually makes the HR experience more human. By leveraging these digital tools, conversations and relationships become more meaningful for HR representatives, and HR skills are further utilized. Human interaction will never become obsolete. In fact, it’s more important now with all these new tools for us to maintain the personal touch for our customers.

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