8 Reasons ERP Projects Fail in Distribution

As great a system enterprise resource planning (ERP) is, many people still focus on the ‘horrors’ and ‘risks’ and overlook the benefits. ERP failures happen for a number of reasons, though they are almost always preventable. It’s just a matter of anticipating and planning how to prevent such problems. Some of the most common ERP implementation pitfalls include:

  1. It’s the Wrong Solution
  2. Lack of Executive Sponsorship
  3. No Internal Evangelists
  4. Wrong Partner
  5. Scope Creep
  6. Unrealistic Expectations
  7. Poor Communication
  8. Trying to Recreate the Old System with New Technology

Communication and selecting the right implementation partner are very important. When organizations understand the possibilities of a new ERP system and all the benefits that come with it, they’ll know it’s a worthy investment.

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